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Floods and Sumps (2011)

The Problem

Our customer's client had a major entrance doorway on their site, which was liable to flooding. The customer, together with his client, came up with the idea to build a large but shallow in-ground sump unit, which could be integrated into the existing drainage system. The idea, that surface water would drop through and alleviate any future flooding, the sump had to be fitted with an appropriate heavy-duty doormat, which would allow water to pass through to the sump and drainage system below. In addition the completed unit needed the capacity to cope with extremely heavy pedestrian traffic.

The Solution

Our customer bought a scrap of paper with a very basic sketch of the required sump, asking for it to be built from mild steel and then galvanised. We suggested that it would be a better product if it was made of stainless steel, stainless being corrosive resistant and long lasting, especially when used in constant ground contact. The contractor agreed, and we set about producing a large stainless steel sump unit (1.4 x 4 metres x 150mm deep). While BLW built the sump, the research department swung into action and found an appropriate entrance mat, which had to be custom made to fit into the top of the new sump design. The completed unit fitted with the special mat was delivered to site, and successfully installed by the customer.

The Result

The sump has been installed and the site has suffered a number of major wet weather events, which would have usually flooded the front door area. We can happily report that the sump has been a complete success and flooding is no longer an issue!