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Walkways and Supports (2010)

The Problem

Our client had a large raised wooden walkway (boardwalk) which had been built over fifteen years ago, forming a showpiece pedestrian thoroughfare through their site. Recently a couple of the supporting timbers had become rotten and collapsed, which fortunately only caused a small amount of disruption. However the structure had to be assessed and a reasonably priced, easily installed, solution was required. Of particular importance was to supply a system that could be retro fitted, avoiding bolting or screwing into the existing structure (which would cause further weakening of the support timbers) a solution needed to be developed. This problem was tendered to a couple of contractors to develop and cost.

The Solution

Another BLW and collaboration was required. Looking at the remit we came up with a bracket that clamped around the existing timber support leg without drilling or bolting into the existing structure. This bracket could then be fitted and was in this case supplied with a bespoke support arm, which formed a safety support if any of the cross member timbers or fixing bolts should fail. We put our collaborative design forward and won the contract (our competitors designs all involved drilling and bolting into the existing timbers). BLW manufactured the brackets and galvanised all the fittings.

The Result

The original order was for a hundred or so brackets, but they worked so well, that 360 were ordered in total. To date the client has not had any further boardwalk failures.