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Playground and Supports (2008-2012)

The Problem

Another client had a large wooden playground, with a number of raised wooden walkways. The playground was built in excess of twenty years ago and concerns had been raised about the integrity of the ground contact timbers. Again we were asked to look at a possible way that we could design a leg that could be retro fitted to the existing large structure, and also offer a way of adding a preservative to the existing timbers once they had been cut and replaced with a steel foot.

The Solution

Once again BLW and collaborated, coming up with a two part steel leg which offered a cup fitting to go around the base of the existing cut timber. This cup could then be filled with the appropriate preservative and left to soak into the timber. The two part legs were given a trial on the first tower - a fairly hairy business to fit! But once a method had been perfected; the first four legs were successfully installed, and preservative added.

The Result

After the original trial of four legs, the client has ordered more leg replacements every year for the last three years. By the spring of 2013 all the support timbers some fifty number will have been replaced successfully.